Student recruitment

Recruiting students can be a time-consuming and expensive process for educational institutions. In the past years, Rahian Danesh Nikoo has developed and optimized its strategy in the field of student recruitment by gathering and nurturing a team of student recruitment specialists with an individual and specialized approach to attracting and retaining qualified students. we have made Our student recruitment methods make it possible to establish instant communication with potential students as well as monitor the progress of the student recruitment process in an efficient manner.

Each of our educational partners will have a student recruitment consultant who is the primary point of contact with potential students. Enrollment counselors act as a mobile branch of the student services team of our partner educational institutions and in an interactive, friendly and helpful manner, familiarize potential students with the educational institution and program in question and help them in the process of obtaining academic admission. they give. We perform the task of recruiting students with full enthusiasm, which proves our success in this field through the number and variety of student recruitment methods. These methods have different characteristics, which include – but are not limited to – the following:

Referral or word of mouth advertising is considered as an efficient and reliable method to attract students. People who are satisfied with our services have often acted as the best source of student attraction for us, as they refer their friends and colleagues to us to benefit from the same quality of services they experienced.</ p>

Marketing and branding
We offer a wide range of marketing and branding services to help educational institutions develop their educational brand for students. We present ourselves in the covered countries through various means. Detailed information is available in the advertising and customized marketing section.

Directly requesting
the friendly advisors of Danesh Niko to support you in the most professional way possible and by providing all the information needed by students who wish to study abroad. They welcome the country and get admission in educational institutions.

Presence in trade fairs
We actively seek to participate in trade fairs and provide information on courses and services of partner educational institutions. We also hold structured events, seminars and workshops to introduce and present educational institutions worldwide. More information is available in the seminar and educational exhibition section.

Student recruitment and targeted information sessions
Holding information sessions about partner universities and educational institutions and introducing study opportunities abroad It is a matter that the Persians dream of holding for a wide range of audiences – from high school students and their parents to graduates and students interested in studying abroad – has a long history and reputation. This serves as a useful source of student attraction for partner universities, because students and their parents can talk to us about study abroad opportunities up close and individually.

Advertisements on the website and social networks
Our websites and social networks have been a useful source of publishing academic publications in the past years. have been proven to the public. Our media is so-called user-friendly, and the simplicity of use, detailed description of services and course information, has been the reason for its continued success. Also, our virtual media includes our various advertisements and marketing campaigns.

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