Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is the pearl of Mediterranean Sea. Pristine and lovely scenery and friendly culture, great places to stay,  and lower costs than the other European and American countries caused that living and studying in this country become an unforgettable experience.

North Cyprus is not a part of European Union, and in fact, is under the supervision of Turkey, and currency is also Turkish Lira. Despite South Cyprus, there is no big or international business in North Cyprus.

This country focuses on higher education and is provided by the following centers

North Cyprus has got a university in the Times World Ranking. The highest ranking in the North Cyprus is The East Mediterranean University that has a degree of 801-1000.


Education in Cyprus​

North Cyprus is one of the best goals for Iranian students. There is no need to provide language tests documents for education in Cyprus and they can start their studies immediately if they pass the university’s English language test. Also, living and education in this country compared with American and European countries costs less. Moreover, after a few semesters of their studies in Cyprus universities, they should participate in the student exchange program and continue their education in American and European universities. In other words, education in Cyprus is like a bridge to education and migration to more developed countries of the world.

You do not need to obtain a student visa to study in North Cyprus, you only need to translate the following documents into English and send them to the relevant university:


Cyprus App

The process of applying for Northern Cyprus is very simple and is done faster than applying for European countries. Applying and studying in North Cyprus is a popular choice for those who like to study and live in a modern and low-cost environment. You do not need a language certificate to get admission in North Cyprus and you can study in the best universities in North Cyprus without a language certificate. Also, the amount of financial ability to obtain a study visa in Northern Cyprus is suitable and is about 80 million Tomans.


Cyprus scholarship

Most universities in Northern Cyprus offer scholarships to eligible students. The Ministry of National Education and Sports of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus awards scholarships to international students based on their academic performance. There are two types of scholarships in North Cyprus:

Full university tuition + dormitory fee + allowance ($200 * 12 months) + Fixed allowance (120 Turkish semester)

allowance ($200 * 12 months) + Fixed allowance (120 Turkish semester)


The Nikoo Attitude Travelers Group can always accompany you in obtaining admission requirements and scholarships in Cyprus