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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Iran entrance exam hard?

In June/July each year, high school graduates in Iran take a stringent, centralized nationwide university entrance exam seeking a place in one of the public universities. The competition is fierce and the exam content rigorous, since university places are limited.

What is the Persian language proficiency criterion for non-Iranian students?

International students are required to have accepted proficiency of Persian Language to start their education at Iranian universities. Non-Iranian students have to pass Persian language courses in approved Persian Institutions by “Non-Iranian Student Affairs Organization”. Alzahra University has one of the approved center for teaching Persian language. “Persian Language Teaching Center” of Alzahra University is located in the university area and is providing education facilities to both scholarship and non-scholarship students, and as well as to those applicants who want to study Persian language.

Can I translate my Educational records myself?

Your educational documents should be submitted along with an official Persian or English translations approved by the authorities of the country in which your diplomas has been issued and embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in that country.

Do you offer financial assistance for non-Iranian students?

Non-scholarship International students are not supported financially by Alzahra University and are required to be responsible for all of their expenses including tuition fees, accommodation, and welfare services. Tuition fees for non-scholarship students are determined by the university board of directors. You can find tuitions of each semester

What kinds of scholarship are available from IRANIAN University?

1)Iranian University scholarship: Offering to only few top students (less than 10 scholarships annually).

2) “Non-Iranian Students Affairs Organization” scholarship: Offering only top students who could gain faculty acceptance and are introduced by this university to the organization for granting scholarship.

Do I need to book my accommodation?

No, Accommodation facilities like dormitory are available for international students who enroll at Alzahra University. Whenever they come to university with scholarship approval letter, they will be provided a temporary stay in the dormitory by the “Dormitory Management” until their registration completes.

How can I get education visa for students?
  1. After completing the process of accepting at Alzahra University (scholarship or non-scholarship), visa application form will be sent to applicant by IAC.
  2. Completed form along with personal photo and scanned copy of passport will be sent to “Organization of non-Iranian Students’ Affairs” by this office for issuing visa code.  
  3. “Organization of non-Iranian Students’ Affairs” will inform visa code to IAC of Alzahra University.
  4. Applicants will be informed about visa code by this office.
  5. Applicants then can go to Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy to get Education Visa.

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