medical, dental, pharmacy and other paramedical fields

Non-Iranian citizens who intend to study in medical, dental, pharmacy and other paramedical fields without entrance exam can register easily. Foreign nationals can register with Rahian Danesh Nikoo student recruitment institute without entrance exam to find out about the list of courses without entrance exam.

sharbabak university

The first stage: educational transformation through the use of new teaching methods (so-called Yaran method) Second stage: implementation of the research plan (known as Danto) The third stage: implementation of the talent search and idea generation plan. The fourth stage: Development of the center for the growth of university technology clusters Fifth stage: production and […]

English language learning guide

Many language learners believe that reading grammar does not help them in speaking language and it only takes their time and may be in The English language has something called conversation-oriented classes at every language level, but practically in English without your knowledge You can’t speak properly, understand and write. Therefore, from the very beginning, […]

Student recruitment

Recruiting students can be a time-consuming and expensive process for educational institutions. In the past years, Rahian Danesh Nikoo has developed and optimized its strategy in the field of student recruitment by gathering and nurturing a team of student recruitment specialists with an individual and specialized approach to attracting and retaining qualified students. we have […]